Dear reader. I was on summer vacation and i am back!

The Crossroads events.... new event and August round is first round.
It is running from 3th each month. and the theme is multiple.
Bee Design released new gacha item ".:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha" for The Crossroads events.
Decorated together items are ".:M.LAW:. Harmony gacha" item.
Dream ... Harmony.... most i love word in Secondlife.
and beautiful color of watermelon pillow in this picture was released by Sway's.

Drapes : Elegant Drapes Soft White and Blush by Pure country Design

Bed : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha   Bed RARE @ The Crossroads events
Sofa with bed : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Bed Bench @ The Crossroads events
Ottoman : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Ottoman @ The Crossroads events
Rug : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Rug  @ The Crossroads events
stand : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Nightstand @ The Crossroads events
poach : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Vintage cans and pearls @ The Crossroads events
vase : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha  Cherry Blossoms on vase @ The Crossroads events
Dresser : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Dresser RAREThe Crossroads events
Decor : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Vintage round suitcase 1 @ The Crossroads events
Decor : .:Bee designs:.Dream Set Gacha Vintage can with blossoms @ The Crossroads events

Chair .:M.LAW:. Harmony Gazebo Chair one
table : .:M.LAW:. Harmony Gazebo table
Chair : .:M.LAW:. Harmony Gazebo Chair two

watermelon pillow : Sway's [Torley] Watermelon pillow A . Red (rez me)
Watermelon pillow : Sway's [Torley] Watermelon pillow A . Torley (rez me)
Wateremelon pillow : Sway's [Torley] Watermelon pillow B . Yellow (rez me)
(Rez type and hold type)

Happy shopping <3
and Thanks for coming to my blog.