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Dear reader. hope your Thursday will fine / is fine/ was fine!

Have you visit to "Okinawa Summer festival"? Running to the 21th August.
"Okinawa" is one of a prefecture in japan and most south prefecture. (of course it is in RL)
Okinawa has different culture with main land of japan. Okinawa people has their own culture and they did own business long time ago.
After WW2, Okinawa grew up as sightseeing spot. food and nature and still they have their own culture.
if i say sample, "Okinawa" is like "Hawaii" with United Sate.
Right now i don't live in Okinawa, but i grew up at Okinawa and had lived until high school.

btw, this time i was not going to explain about Okinawa. lol
Aphrodite shop released  "Floating Shell" for Okinawa Summer festival,
when i knew about Aphrodite shop is participating in this event, i was very surprised and also i was very happy.
 "Floating Shell" released for Couple and for Families.

Shell : <Aphrodite> "Floating Shell" for Couples  (v.1.0) @ Okinawa Summer festival

Aphrodite shop main store

Hope you visit to this festival and have happy shopping <3

Thanks for coming to my blog this moment!