Rock Cottage story @ SOS Festival


Dear reader. Very hard rainy here today.

Its second post for Spoonful of Sugar Festival (SOS). This time also Home & Decor item.
Spoonful of Sugar Festival benefit to Doctor without borders running to the 27th september

Slurl List --
Spoonful of Sugar 2016 Festival Event Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 1
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 2
Spoonful Od Sugar Festival 2016 Home & Garden Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016  - Breedables Sim

You can find most of item in this post at Home & Garden sim.
You can fly or Double click teleport in each sim. So you can move very freedom.

I hope you visit and Enjoy shopping <3
I will write all item credit at below of picture.

2 rock cottage comes by Khaleesi's Shinn-Anigans. Both of item 50% donation from your purchase. They are very cute.
I visited to  Khaleesi's Shinn-Anigans main store. Creator Zaps Dyrssen (khaleesishinn) created many houses the other too.
and They are looking country chic.They are my favorite taste. you also would like too.
if you have interesting in  Khaleesi's Shinn-Anigans, visit to main store and check her creation.

This is inside picture of ~ KS ~ Mary Rose Cottage by Khaleesi's Shinn-Anigans.
Very simple 1 room cottage. rock wall and wood roof makes me feel rustic.
but in rustic room i put modern chair and table set.
This set comes by *Pastiche* . "Always A Lady Conversation Set". 100% donation item.
and Frame set on the  wall comes by The Mud Bowl.
If you want to see more deatil, Visit and check to The Mud Bowl on SOS Festival.

This is inside picture of ~ KS ~ Skarthi Viking Hut by Khaleesi's Shinn-Anigans.
The fireplace is put together with house. so maybe i should wear winter outfit :p
Relaxing pillow set comes by The Mud Bowl {tmb}. This is 100% donation item from your purchase.
6 Single animation in Star pillow.

All item Credit --
picture 1
 left cottage : ~ KS ~ Mary Rose Cottage
 right cottage : ~ KS ~ Skarthi Viking Hut
Bird path : Dragon Pavilion Bird Bath - Sits 2 100% donation item
Bench : Sway's [Dagmar] Bench . silver
Pond in center : Garden Pond by Pure Country Design 

 Sofa and table set : *Pastiche* Always A Lady Conversation Set [Crated]
 wall frame set : {tmb}Birdie Frames Set (SOS) (boxed)

 pillow and mat set : {tmb}Lazy Day Set (SOS Event) (boxed)

I am very happy if you have interesting in those item by my picture.