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Dear reader.

Do you like to make garden?  me? I love it!
Two Moon Garden is exhibiting the garden for Spoonful of Sugar (SOS) Festival.
i wanted to introduce you all garden... that dream would not come true.
some of garden are so high prim amount and too big garden to put on private land.
but i love to make garden with Two Moon Garden.

This garden would be so so beautiful with coming soon season. Autumn leaf on the grand and autumn tree around garden.
Including couple bench.

On this Autumn garden, i put together "TCF - PATIO SET SIMPLY WIRED" by Chez Moi Furniture at Chapter four. until 20th September this round. so still you have time!!

Credit (picture1 & picture2 ) --------
Garden : TMG - OVERGROWN GLORY - AUTUMN* @ SOS Festival 100% Donation item
Patio set (Table / Chair / apple ) : PATIO SIMPLY WIRED SET by Chez Moi Furniture @ Chapter four

"ROCK POOL" garden. Beautiful rock and it makes me fresh cool by water.
You can enjoy with your love one. this pool has some couple pose. position adjusting was by HUD.
if you like you can hear the water sound. Including water sound prims.
2 chair and table and pot flower chair comes by [Park Place]. coming 3 color.

(Credit) -------------
Garden : THE ROCK POOL* @ SOS Festival  100% Donation item.
Chair set (left ) : [Park Place] White Rattan Peacock Chair and Table @ SOS Festival  100% Donation item
Chair set (right ) : [Park Place] Light Rattan Peacock Chair and Table @ SOS Festival  100% Donation item

Next garden by Two Moon garden named "Coastal Cliff". maybe its little bit late season... coming next season here.. but i love summer picture on the other season. :)
This also rezzing by rezzar. Bench / TOWEL / 2 chair including. and a lot of palm tree.
i wanted to meet in summer season with this!

maybe you dont see on first picture... .:M.LAW:.  released  Eternal Love BENCH in PG.
I thought this would be nice furniture on it.

Credit (picture 4 & picture5) ------------
 Garden : TMG - COASTAL CLIFFS*  @ SOS Festival  50% Donation item
 bird : TLC Cormorant standing @ SOS Festival
 Bench set : .:M.LAW:.  Eternal Love BENCH PG BOX @ main store 

I hope you visit to SOS Festival. I blogged only Home and garden item.
but there is a lot of fashion item also.
Spoonful Od Sugar Festival 2016 Home & Garden Sim
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 1
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016 - Fashion Sim 2
Spoonful Of Sugar Festival 2016  - Breedables Sim
Spoonful of Sugar 2016 Festival Event Sim

Enjoy shopping and some of Entertainment program.
Thanks for coming to my blog.