The Boho Culture Fair


Dear reader.

Have you visit to The Boho Culture Fair? TBCF is 5th Anniversary!
Running to the 4th November.
Theme: Urban Clothes, Hippies, Colorfull, Bohemian
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Hope you find your favorite outfit and enjoy a lot of Gacha.

I would love to share one of participating shop ~Adorably Strange Wares~ released Gacha"~The Spring Equinox Gacha"

The Spring Equinox Gacha item Credit @ The Boho Culture Fair
~ASW~ The Spring Equinox Pavilion
~ASW~ The Spring Equinox Chaise
~ASW~ The Spring Equinox Rose Trellis
~ASW~ The Spring Equinox Incense Table
~ASW~ The Spring Equinox Tea Crate
~ASW~ The Spring Equinox Butterfly Cage
~ASW~ The Spring Equinox Stained Glass

So beautiful white colors. even now is autumn but they are very attractive for me to blog.
and so so cute all item butterfly cage and of course pavilion too.... 
i want you complete this gacha.. they are so awesome creation...  
You would love and fall in love :) 

Thanks for coming to my blog.