Unicorn Hoodie @ SaNaRae


Dear reader.  slow rain right now... Wishes today is good day for me. and for you too!!!

I like rain. (of course i do not like muggy....) . i like to see outside from inside the house when rain.
but like today rain, feel it would be continue forever and feel the sunshine will not never come on my face.
and feel today would be not good day. Sooo!! i don't want go to work today!!! lol

Well... Have you visit to SaNaRae ?
Me Sew Sexy released  "Unicorn Hoodie" for SaNaRae. available 6 color.
Compatible fitmesh for Maitreya body.

 Hoodie : *MSS* Unicorn Hoodie Blue @ SaNaRae
 Hoodie : *MSS* Unicorn Hoodie Purple  @ SaNaRae

Common item Credit
 Hair : *booN Mae.003 hair all color pack
 Skirt : A&D Skirt -Selene- Coffee

Its 1st anniversary round. Most of the shop is ready SaNaRae group gift.
Visit and get a lot of pretty gift.

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Enjoy shopping <3