Dear reader.
I have watching the news about election of United State president from yesterday.
if you are American. did you go to vote? / do you go to vote?
I think the way decide for top of leader of the country is best way that direct election by people.
so if i can vote to decide top of leader of the country, definitely i will go to vote.
We will see...

by the way, my Chez Moi Furniture released "BILLIARD TABLE SET".
for SaNaRae Halloween event.
Its running to the 18th December. Comes in PG and in Adult. woo..... sexy!
and modern living room set was released  by Aphrodite shop / <HEART HOMES> .
it also comes in PG and in Adult.
You can find it on Marketplace.
in PG :
in Adult :

Credit --
sofa : <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall" Double Sofa PG
Chair : <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall"  Couple Chair - PG
Chair : <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall" Single Chair
Rug : <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall" Deco Rug
table : <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall" living room set -  PG
vase set : <HEART HOMES> modern vases set
stand lamp : <HEART HOMES> "Modern Fall" Standing Lamp A
book stuck : [CIRCA] - "Cthulhu in the Sea" Vintage Books Decor
wall light : [CIRCA] - "Cthulhu in the Sea" Captain Wheel Light - Grey / P
wall light : [CIRCA] - "Cthulhu in the Sea" Captain Wheel Light -Natural /G
billiard table : Billiard Table Oakville Old Wood (Adult) CHEZ MOI @ SaNaRae
billiard shelf : Billiard Rack Oakville Old Wood CHEZ MOI  @ SaNaRae
billiard ball : Billiard Balls Triangle CHEZ MOI @ SaNaRae
wall planter : DD Cleome Planter Bag (previouse hunt)

house : "Moon_Sha" Old House - Mossy - Light 5 @ ["Moon_Sha"]  (35L Sunday)

I did not show you whole house's picture... but you can buy only 35L until this weekend.
not big house but rustic rock and wood feeling. check it out <3

Hope you enjoy your lovely Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog at this moment!