A winter day of snowman family

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Dear reader. Wishes your wonderful Christmas! 
My Christmas is almost ended!! 

In this season, a lot of shop having a Sale in Secondlife. 
Its the time again to be empty your wallet...... my wallet is always empty!!!

Let me share with you a winter day of snowman family. 

Firepit : Backyard Firepit (Adult) CHEZ MOI (Chez Moi furniture Main store / Marketplace )

 < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family - Dad
 < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family - Mom
 < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family - Girl
 < Heart Homes> Happy Snowman Family - Boy
Cute Snowman (Inside Snowman ) : <Heart Homes> Cute Snowman (Resizer)

Christmas Tree : Enchanted Christmas Tree @ DIVIAs Design (Marketplace)
*There is many option by touch -- decoration , gift , and more! 

The AlFresco Frost Gacha by ~Adorably Strange Wares~
 Blanket chair : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost  Blanket Crates
 Dining table : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost Dining Table
 Side table : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost Cider Table
 Chair : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost Patio Chair
 Lantarn tree : ~ASW~ The Al Fresco Frost Lantern Trees

Deer family scene : Winter Deer Family Scene by Simply Shelby
Snowman with panel  : Christmas Spirit Snowman Gift  by Simply Shelby
Reindeer scene : Winter Reindeer Feast  by Simply Shelby
Elk scene : Incendia Winter forest with Elk Family by  Incendia Outdoors
leaf cluster : [CIRCA] - Fall Leaf Cluster - Blown Cloud - Colour Mix

Enjoy your Secondlife. 
Thanks for coming to my blog. 

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