Ever An' Angel @ SL Christmas Expo


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful Saturday <3

SL Christmas Expo "Home for the Holiday" the thired day is coming!

私が活動してる時間帯ではないのですが、もしその時間帯起きてるのであれば池のスケートとかどうでしょう。(17時-19時 / 12月3日 SLT)
今回は、ファッション関連のブログになります。"Ever An' Angel"は知ってるかたも多いと思いますが、
デザイナーのEverはSpoonful of sugar のイベントを企画して実行するぐらい、チャリティには関心のある人のようですね。

<Entertainment info for Sat 12/3 > (SLT)
10a-12n    Misfits Dance Show    Extravaganza Stage  Tinsel
 3p -5p     DJ Joe Dude    Skating Pond Stage Festive
 5p -7p     Madelyn Majestic    Skating Pond
location : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tinsel/236/143/23

Ever An' Angel released beautiful 2 dress for SL Christmas Expo.
Ever An' Angel is in Ornament sim

 Gown : Ever An' Angel - Century - Plum @ 100%Donation gown on SL Christmas Expo
 Gown : Ever An' Angel - Century - Midnight @ 100%Donation gown on SL Christmas Expo
 Gown : Ever An' Angel - Century - Teal @ 100%Donation gown on SL Christmas Expo

*Option tatoo layer or tatoo applier including.
  Recommend to use it when you wear this gown <3
*Century gown available 5 color (All color 100%Donation)

hair : Alice Project Hairology Anniversary Gift

Location : Two Moon Paradise

 Dress : Ever An' Angel - Jubilee - Midnight  @ 100%Donation gown on SL Christmas Expo
 Pose : BellePoses - Christina 4
 Dress : Ever An' Angel - Jubilee - Noir @ 100%Donation gown on SL Christmas Expo
 Pose : BellePoses - Christina 1

Hair : Vanity Hair: Hairology Anniversary Dollarbuy (Previous Hairology gift)

location : LICK Sim Designs - WeeVille

Ever An' Angel is ready a lot of more for 100% or 50% donation dress.
Elegant, antiquity design dress "REGENCY - YULE 2016", this is exclusive for SL Christmas Expo. 
Auction location : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tinsel/228/113/23
Im in love Ever An' Angel much more. She is so wonderful!

Happy shopping and enjoy the Expo!
Don't miss the Holiday Limited Edition Collection!

blogger challenge : Day 3: Christmas Tree – Real or Artificial
I can not to write so much long article but i will try.
Christmas tree... i think real one and artificial .. they has nice side and bad side...
nice side.. real one.. you can feel the "Christmas" and "life of tree" .. when you eat turkey or "holy night".. and if you  will decorate on the tree, that also one of fun with your family or with you love one on Christmas. and artificial.. it will not rot ..never. so you can see same beauty every year.
bad side.. real one... if you have Allergies for Fir tree,you dont stop running nose or itchy the eye... (maybe this is only my problem?)
artificial... you could be get bored because same tree and same decoration... and you can not feel the "Life" of tree.
...However, i think it is your choice and i do not want to say which is good and which is bad.. i just wrote that what am thinking for real tree or artificial tree... because both tree are beautiful definitely on Christmas.

Thanks for coming to my blog.