snowflakes candy party


Dear reader.  Wishes you having wonderful winter day <3

In RealLife, from today (29th) Japanese workers new year holiday begun.but i have to work tomorrow.... but ok then my work is finish in this year.
Most of workers will start 4th January. my work will start 6th. while that, we eat alot of food so i hope i don't get fat anymore.

But in Secondlife, Still i am in Christmas mood♥

Aphrodite shop / Marketplace : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel complete party set
table : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel complete party set
Chair : Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel candy stool
Candy cane : Aphrodite decorative Candy cane 1 ~ Aphrodite decorative Candy cane 3
balloon : Aphrodite candy balloon green
balloon : Aphrodite candy balloon red
baloon : Aphrodite candy balloon pink
 Aphrodite "Wicthes Shoe Cookies" Platter
 Aphrodite "Witchie Cookie" Platter
 Aphrodite candy house cookies
 Aphrodite "Hansel and Gretel" cupcakes platter
 Aphrodite fairytale cookies
 Aphrodite "witches fingers" dip platter
 Aphrodite " Witches Truffles" Platter
 Aphrodite "wicked broom" chocolates platter
 Aphrodite Hansel & Gretel main cake
 Aphrodite "Try me" sandwich
 Aphrodite buffet plates pile 2
 Aphrodite buffet plates pile 1
 Aphrodite Magical drinks dispenser

[CIRCA] / Marketpalce
Sapling : [CIRCA] - "Holiday Lane" Sapling Sac - Frosty White
Sapling : [CIRCA] - "Holiday Lane" Sapling Sac - Frosty Blue
Sapling : [CIRCA] - "Holiday Lane" Sapling Sac - Xmas Green
Wall Stripe :  [CIRCA] - "Snow Valley" Snowflake WallStrip Art - Red Plaid (L)
Wall Strip : [CIRCA] - "Snow Valley" Snowflake WallStrip Art -Blue Plaid (L)
wall light : [CIRCA] - "Winter Holiday Lights" -Scattered Snowflakes #1 RARE
wall light : [CIRCA] - "Winter Holiday Lights" - 5-Pointed Star
wall light : [CIRCA] - "Winter Holiday Lights" - Leaping Deer
ottoman : [CIRCA] - "Snow Valley" Ottoman Seat A - Coco Quilt (6 pos)
Snowflakes on floor : [CIRCA] - Snowflake Cluster - Corner Pile1 - Snowy Blues

Enjoy your Secondlife <3
Thanks for coming to my blog.