Summer feeling


Dear reader. I am very glad to see you here again.

I saw the news about this winter is too much cold than normal winter.
When January 1st and 2nd was too hot but for a while, too cold, it happened something strange things on this earth..

Even like that cold winter, in Secondlife, we can feel summer and we can make summer feeling.
Sway's lovely sand snowman, and lovely penguins pot flower.... there is sled even beach.
I hope you would love Sway's released decor. Visit to Sway's and check it out <3

Snowman : Sway's [Sandy] Sand(snow)man
Planter : Sway's [Penguin] Planter . Grass
Planter : Sway's [Penguin] Planter . Cactus
Planter : Sway's [Penguin] Planter . Flower
Sled : Sway's [Lumi] Sled . vivids
Sled : Sway's [Lumi] Sled . mutes
picture frame ; Sway's [Treeangle] Picture holder

beach set : Simply Shelby Another day in Paradise Beach Combo
 (Including beach chair / palm tree / sand castle / table set / camp fire / mini beach)
Orchid plant stand : Classic Orchid Plant Stand by Simply Shelby 

Tree with light : ~*SR*~ Treeway of Light by ~* Sweet Revolutions *~

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Hope see you soon.... :)