lovely brick corner


Dear reader. Hope your nice Friday <3

Recently,Firestorm doesnt good work. when i log-in with FS, everything so slow. i did cash-clear, computer re-boot, and re-install (of course clean install), re-boot of internet router too. but does not solve. so right now i am using Secondlife viewer. it is working good so far.  I hope the problem is not my graphic board.

Featuring :: NEWCHURCH :: at [Draftsman] - An SL Architectural Event and many item of Dreamscapes Art Gallery.
They make lovely brick corner <3
[Draftsman] event running through 17th February.

Lounger : :: N :: Phoebe Chaise Lounge by :: NEWCHURCH :: @  [Draftsman]
wall frame : *Love* Frames by Dreamscapes Art Gallery @ Stupid Cupid Hunt
Birdcage : *Kia* Birdcage with flowers A  by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Birdcage : *Kia* Birdcage with candles A  by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Topiary : *Jessi* Topiary White  by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Topiary : *Jessi* Topiary Rose  by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Paper rose : *Paper Roses* A  by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Paper rose : *Paper Roses* E  by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Sign : *LOVE** Sign D  by Dreamscapes Art Gallery

House : NOMAD // Workshop (previous Deco(c)rate prize)

Lovely valentine come close soon.... <3

Enjoy your Secondlife!
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