Smoothies or Margarita


Dear reader. Hope your beautiful weekend <3

Hip Star Fair is running from 17th February to March 3rd.
I would love to share with you Aphrodite shop / {Q-Essentials} exclusive item.
I hope you enjoy Hip Star Fair this year too!
Check the credit and hope you visit the other event or shop too.

Chaise : :: N :: Daphne Chaise, Adult @ On9 
*Color change by HUD
*Coming in PG and in Adult
Circle chair : Sway's [Jess] Moon Chair . houndstooth @ Rewind: A 90's Throwback 
*10 single / 8 couple animation
*3 texture option each type (3 type you can choose)
wall decor : {Q-Essentials} Music Note @ Hip Star Fair
wall decor : {Q-Essentials} Music Note 2 Wall Decor @ Hip Star Fair
wall decor : {Q-Essentials} Music Sheet Wall Decor @ Hip Star Fair
wall decor : {Q-Essentials} Treble Wall Decor  @ Hip Star Fair
Smoothies & Margaritas Machine : by Aphrodite shop  @ Hip Star Fair
Dress dummy : *Jessi* Tailor Dummy by Dreamscapes Art Gallery GroupGift
bag : *Jessi* Sack GG by Dreamscapes Art Gallery GroupGift
pillow box : *Jessi* Box Pillows GG by Dreamscapes Art Gallery GroupGift
Cockie box : *Jessi* Box Cookies GG by Dreamscapes Art Gallery GroupGift
I Love you decor : DaD DESIGN "I Love You" c/m V.1.0 (previous Midnight Madness)
table : Sway's [Lisha] Side Table . orange
rug : [CIRCA] - "Free Love" Area Rug - VE - Greys

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.