Valentine bear


Dear reader. Wishes your sweet sweet Valentine <3

Will you give to your love one a chocolate? I already gave to my boss of work in RL. my valentine was yesterday :)

I have to share with you today Aphrodite shop and Dreamscapes Art Gallery Valentine item. They made me hungry! 
They would be beautiful valentine party for you! and made you hungry too! :D

Tree : Aphrodite pink Valentines tree
          Aphrodite peach Valentines tree
          Aphrodite red Valentines tree
                                            @ Purchase Marketplace Demo at Main store
table set : <Heart Homes> French Valentine Dinner (PG) 1.0 @ On9 (9th -28th)
bear : Aphrodite Valentines bear with card & rose grey
          Aphrodite teddy with heart
                                             @ Marketplace
Cake : Aphrodite Fairytale drip cake @ Enchantment
Flower in Vase : Aphrodite two color mesh roses vase @ Marketplace
Tray : *Sweet* Tray A by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Heart box : *Sweets* Heart Box A by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Flower in Vase : Aphrodite NEW MESH roses crystal vase with tex changer & resize @ Marketplace
Cake : Aphrodite magic butterfly drip cake 2 @ Enchantment 
Espresso machine : Aphrodite Bluetooth controlled Espresso Machine 3.0 @ Marketplace
Cookie box : *Cookie Box* Cutie by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
Cookie open box : *Cookie Box* Open Always by Dreamscapes Art Gallery
table : Aphrodite animated wedding table (pink) @ Markpetplace

Enchantment present Cinderella is open from 11th February to 28th.
Aphrodite released so so pretty 3 type drip cake. Animation working by touch the cake.
On9 February is running to the 28th February. French Valentine Dinner coming in PG and in Adult.  You can change the dishes by touch and lovely animation.
Fuzzy bear sitting on the chair. bear coming 11 type. check at the marketplace.
and Espresso machine.. this is so awesome creation and so fashionable cup. including mobile menu of this machine. you can order a lot of hot drink by touching on machine or mobile HUD. Also, you can change the machine color by touch. it is so good not when valentine. you can put your cafe or your bar and of course your house too!
Dreamscapes Art Gallery also released so lovely item for Valentine!
Don't miss out <3

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Happy Valentine and Have a wonderful day <3