Saint Patrick's Day with Aprodite shop


Dear reader. Hope your weekday was good!

March 17th is Saint Patrick's Day for Irish. and Wikipedia said this day is a holiday of Irish.
I do not know this day is popular the other country of japan. but it would be popular day in really deep Christian. 
and in Secondlife, There is many festival and you can get a lot of item of St.Patrick. I visited to St.Patricks day Town.  There is green and green and green.but i liked :) 

Aphrodite shop released "Aphrodite St Patricks party mini set V1". 
There is many dishes on the table and pretty balloon arch and green beer bucket. 
I hope you enjoy this day with this party set! 
Marketplace --> Aphrodite - St Patricks party - mini set

Party set : Aphrodite St Patricks party mini set V1 @ Main Store / Marketplace
outfit : Prism Salma Pants Ourfit for the Shamrock Glow Hunt 2017 by SHAMROCK GLOW HUNT
Tree : Aphrodite falling shamrocks tree @ Main Store / Marketplace
Tree : Aphrodite lucky charm tree with shamrocks falling Main Store / Marketplace

I hope you enjoy many event of St.Patrick.
Thanks for coming to my blog.