Small bight sunlight bedroom


Dear reader. Hope your nice Sunday!

New Church released " Tufted Bed " for Cosmopolitan. until 12th March. Its coming in PG and in Adult. color change for detail by touch. cute cute animation for couple♥

This is my big news!
I am very proud to be part of The cookie jar! House and garden community.
The cookie jar blog :
They are holding many events in whole year. and they have long history.  I was part of some of the other events but some of them are already closed. i want to show respect very much for cookie jar.
I would love to introduce about Perfect TEN.  I know already you know Perfect TEN but i dare to introduce about it.
Perfect TEN is at Home and Garden Shopping Village and perfect shopping. and not just an event. some of shop is ready exclusive item, and some of shop price down for their item. so please don't miss out lovely item by awesome creator.
Event runs from 1st to 15th March.

Bed : :: N :: Celeste Tufted Bed (Adult) @ Cosmopolitan
Sofa : Akiko Bath Sofa by HJM Designs @  Perfect TEN
plant flower : Akiko Plant  by HJM Designs @  Perfect TEN
floor lamp : Tripod Akiko Lamp  by HJM Designs @  Perfect TEN
wall decor : Rustic heart Dark by Mistique
wall decor : [Brixley] hanging poster by Brixley
wall decor : [Brixley] hanging poster by Brixley
Kiss decor : 2017 Sophisiticate St. Patty's Kiss by Sophisticate @  Perfect TEN

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Enjoy your Secondlife! as i do alot!