Small Icecream shop


Dear reader.

Still little bit cold to eat icecream or cold ice but i loove to eat cold food when cold season :)

Credit @ Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Kara* Birdhouse 3A
*Chickie* E
*Spring Vase* B / 9 vase colors
*Potting Table* D
*Kia* Flowers A
*Kia* Flowers D
*Hello Spring* Pitcher D
*Kara* Crates 2A
*Garden Crates* A
*Garden Crates* H
*Garden Crates* F
*Garden Crates* B
*Potting Table* C
*Kara* Birdhouse 2A

Credit @ Aphrodite / <Hear Homes> by Marketplace / Main store
Heart Homes "Icecream Truck" SPECIAL EDITION 1.1 -Static-
Heart Homes "Icecream Truck" SPECIAL EDITION 1.1 -Opening-

Credit @ Redeux
wood table set : Spirits of Nature Table Set @ GroupGift of Redeux
Chair planter : Myth - Chair Planter @ GroupGift of Redeux

Redeux last only 2days! There is a lot of 35L or 30L or 25L or 50% off item by a lot of shop.
It would makes you fun of shopping :)

Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.