Private summer scene


Dear reader. How you doing? :)

My RL is little bit busy but very little bit and still i am good.
but how long time i have sleeping, still tiring...i should look for how to release tiring.

Okey back to blogging..
RFL Home&Garden Expo is running to the 6th June.
This is a very huge Charity event.. There is a lot of wonderful shop in 9 full region sim.
Official blog :
Shopping guide :
Direct tp to each Hope(sim)
Hope1 / Hope2 / Hope3 / Hope4 / Hope5 / Hope6 / Hope7 / Hope8 / Hope9

I would like to share with you "Loggin' Off" in Hope8 gorgeous cabin and Waterfall Deck.
both items are 100%donation item.
and featuring Dreamscapes Art Gallery summer item, Dreamland Designs cute patio set.
This 2 shop items available at main store.

my first picture is Cabana by Loggin' Off and Dreamscapes Art Gallery Beach item.
This is my private sexy beach :)

Credit @ Loggin' Off in Hope8
Cabin : Cabana by Loggin' Off in in Hope8

Credit @ Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Beach Hut* Blue
*Beach* Surfboard Rack
*Lights* Pink - Dreamscapes Art Gallery
*Aloha* Tiki Torch C
*Aloha* Tiki Torch A
*Aloha* Lounge Chair A
*Aloha* Lounge Chair B
*Beach* Swim Rings A
*Beach* Swim Rings B
*Beach* Lifebelt
*Fire Bowl* Light (fire on / off by touch)
*Beach* Lifeguard Chair A

Second picture... Waterfall rock deck also by Loggin' Off in Hope8.
and this is my hand made forest.. i hope you like my forest :)
and the other lovely items are by Bee designs donation item in Hope7.
Dreamland Designs donation item in Hope1.
I guess i dont invite anybody... here is my very high class secret relaxing point :)

Credit @ Loggin' Off in Hope8
Waterfall rock deck : Waterfall-Deck

Credit @ Bee design in Hope7
couch : Bee Designs Iron day bed set

Credit @ Dreamland Designs in Hope1
Flower pole : DD Caswell Flower Pole

Credit @ Dreamland Designs main store
DD Meridan Patio Couch
DD Meridan Patio Chair
DD Meridan Pation Table

I really hope you enjoy the event as you have shopping!
and have fun!
and if you possible, please donate or purchase the donation item.

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Enjoy your Secondlife!