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Dear reader and Journalists of Second Life!
I want to introduce you about "2017 SECOND PRIDE Festival"
All info can also be found on Official blog :

The amazing Second Pride Festival is coming to the grid again,  June 23 – July 2, 2017.

For the 12th edition of Pride we are going to be better, stronger and faster!
One entire sim filled with Parties – Shopping – Amusement Rides – Lounging in cafés and parks and much more!
Amazing Content Creators – The Best DJ’s and Hosts – Superb Live Vocalists and more, this years Pride cannot be missed!

LGBTQ+ – Gay – Straight – In between or anything you want to be, come show support and inclusion!

Help Pride and the charities we support, together we are stronger!

Please check Facebook page -
  -  for updates, schedules and sponsors when the festival nears.

You can also JOIN the in-world Second Pride Festival Group --
secondlife:///app/group/e8560935-aa78-1703-8e9f-09e6f32c72a5/about -- today!

Parties from as early as 10 am till as late as midnight, all we need now is YOU! #Resist #RiseUp #BeProud

Credit @ SECOND PRIDE Festival
[Con.] Boneyard Naval Fireplace - White
Con.&floorplan. Radiator - Light - Bookcase
[Con.] Cooper's Armchair - PG
[Con.] Comfy Chair - A - Brown
[Con.] Double Eat Signage
[Con.] Boneyard Flag - pride
[Con.] Vinyl Wall Display FLF
RJD Pride Sofa Black 2.0
Garrett Interiors - Mesh MT Rag Striped Rugs 1 - Texture Change

Credit @ Lacrime dell'anima Store
table : My Flowered Spot

Enjoy the Festival together!
Thanks for coming to my blog.