On the day of the wedding


Dear reader. Hope your wonderful weekend <3

If you thinking about home wedding, please visit to Aphrodite shop.
You will see beautiful wedding set and wedding party set, and wonderful wedding cake and more.
They released wedding set and wedding party set in May.
so this post is little bit late since released, but i think most nice timing is now!

At first, wedding ceremony!

Chair, tree, table, arch, RosePetals : "Romantic Wedding" Set by Aphrodite shop
*Rezz by Rezzer
*You can purchase separate.
Cherry tree : Menu Driven Nest Seat in a Cherry Tree by Luna Seasonal Design
Green tree : Green Relax Cave 125 Prim 30x30 M Footprim 2 by Landscaping by Felix *FreeGift
water fall : waterfall oasis  by Landscaping by Felix *FreeGift

In church wedding also very very romantic, also i love wedding at outside too..
This is my dream :)

Next, wedding party!

party set : Romantic Wedding Party Complete by Aphrodite shop
(Showin Romantic Wedding Full - 631 LI)
*Rezz by Rezzer.
*including full set 631LI, Minimum 384LI.
white peacock : TLC Male  White Peacock Tail Up* by TLC Home Collecation in Cosmopolitan
white peacock : TLC Male  White Peacock Tail Down* by TLC Home Collecation in Cosmopolitan (Until June 17th)

TLC Home Collection released peacock. Coming 2 type, white feather, Standard (Colorful) feather.
After Cosmopolitan closed, it will come to main store.

I hope you like this 2 picture, because i love it alot :)
Then visit to the shop and check it out <3

Thanks for coming to my blog.
Enjoy your Secondlife!