Pastel August..


Dear reader. Hope your nice weekend :)

How is your summer so far?
So this time, pre-ordered of "Builder's Box August".. i had waiting this time from  July!
I wanted to blog more earlier,, but didnt come true.. because my Sway's is in Builders box!
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Perfect TEN is running to the 15th August.
please check the credit!!

Credit @ Sway's in Builder's box August
Sway's [Arthur] Cottage . berry
Sway's [Arthur] Cottage . sky
Sway's [Arthur] Cottage . grass

Credit @ Perfect TEN
DD Nautical Vintage Hanging Bed by Dreamland Design
Planter with Hibiscus by HJM Designs
Umbrella Planter by HJM Designs

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
Ice Cream Cart Sunrise CHEZ MOI
Santorini Lounge Sofa (Adult) CHEZ MOI

Scene credit...
3 Bunnies  - Kitty Creations
Beautiful Day Planter by HJM Designs
[DDD] Twiggy Twinkle Tree
Summer Hummingbird Garden-pink by Simply Shelby
Garden Path Summer by - DIVIAs Design -
Mixed Roses Oval Planter - Kitty Creations

Hope you like everything! 😁
Enjoy decorating!
thanks for coming to my blog.