Autumn hideout


Dear reader.  Wishes your weekday is good so far!
Cold Cold Cold!!! and don't stop raining... 😢
Still October but feel like end of year season. Hope All Japanease people in SL don't get cold!

Visited to Redeux. Running only 1 weeks.. so hurry to visit!
You can find a lot of items with so nice price in Redeux. 50%OFF, 30L, 35L..
and a lot of GroupGift.  No payment to join group.
I love this event but always many people and so laggy... but i can imagine the reason.
because i also one of them lol

Featuring Sway's, Goose, Chez Moi Furniture,Bee Design, Dictatorshop, and my first blog post for Mistique.
please check detail credit below of 3 pictures.

Credit @ Sway's in The Liaison Collaborative  (October 7th - 30th) "Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Set "
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Table
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Carved Pumkin C
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Carved Pumkin B
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Pumpkin Scraps
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Carved Pumkin A
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Pumpkin Bowl
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Stump Seat A
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Stump Seat B
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Bucket
Sway's [Pumpkin Carving] Crate with Pumpkins

Credit @ Sway's Main store
Sway's [Autumn] Hanging Lanterns . halloween
Sway's [Harper] Crate Bench with Pumpkins

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan " a girls hide out gacha "
GOOSE - A girls hide out - blanket RARE
GOOSE - A girls hide out - books
GOOSE - A girls hide out - tea time tree stump
GOOSE - A girls hide out - campfire
GOOSE - A girls hide out - extra wood
GOOSE - A girls hide out - boiling water

Credit @ Goose Mainstore or Marketplace "Garden Shed"
GOOSE - Garden Shed red
GOOSE - Garden Shed brown

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture in Limit8 (October 18th - November 13th)
Pumpkin Shabby Wagon CHEZ MOI
Pumpkin Autumn Wagon CHEZ MOI
Pumpkin Rustic Wagon CHEZ MOI

Credit @ Bee Design in The gacha Guardians "fun Halloween Gacha" 
Bee Designs fun Halloween Gacha Cute Cat
Bee Designs fun Halloween Gacha Pumpkin Couple
Bee Designs fun Halloween Gacha Umbrellas
Bee Designs fun Halloween Gacha Big eyes cat
Bee Designs fun Halloween Gacha Wreath  RARE
Bee Designs fun Halloween Gacha Witch
Bee Designs fun Halloween Gacha Follow The spiders
Bee Designs fun Halloween Gacha Cauldron

Credit @ Bee Design in Redeux (October 14th - October 21th)
Bee Designs Autumn Trees 1B (Free GroupGift)
Bee Designs Autumn Trees 1A (Free GroupGift)

Credit @ Dictatorshop Main Store  or Dictatorshop Marketplace
[Ds] Driftwood Swing PG [C/M/NT]  
*Coming in PG and in Adult
Credit @ **Mistique
Flower Cart Teal

Scene Credit..
Tree : Fall Tree-Hanging Out by Closer to the Heart Creation
Tree : FAC Fae Woods Tree 2 by Fairey Angel Creations
autumn meadow : *aG* Shiny Meadow autumn by *alirium* 

Enjoy Autumn decoration!
Thanks for coming to my blog.