Porch is play ground for baby elephant


Dear reader. Hope your FAB Sunday :)

Started the February and still cold season. Hope you dont get sick by cold.
Specially when i taking bath, it makes me sleepy for sure... and makes me happy.

Valentines day coming soon. so alot of Valentines items are here in SL and in RL. 
Will you give the chocolate for your love one?

Credit @ **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**
*Flower* Deco with base B
*Mary* Jug with flowers B
*Mary* Jug with flowers D
*Harry* Crates F
*Ava* Floor Vase M
*Ava* Floor Vase C
*Sina* Wall Board B

Credit @ <HEART HOMES> in SaNaRae
<Heart Homes>New England "Shabby Chic" Porch Swing PG

Credit @ Your Dreams in The Gacha garden
{YD}Elephant Puppies - My baby The Seeds of Inspiration
{YD}Elephant Puppies -  Lucy
{YD}Elephant Puppies - Elton
{YD}Elephant Puppies - Johnny RARE
{YD}Elephant Puppies - Robert

Credit @ Little branch
LB_PottedPlant{Mesh}D @  Limit8
LB_OrangeTree.v2{Animated}4Seasons @  Hello Tuesday

Credit @ Raindale
Raindale - Leverett cabin @ Sense event  (End date : 8th February)
Raindale - Bellemore bench (small)
Raindale - Bellemore bench (plain)
Raindale - Bellemore bench (hearts)

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
Armchair&Footstool Chaud (Adult) CHEZ MOI 1
Fireplace Chaud CHEZ MOI
Firewood Holder Chaud CHEZ MOI

Happy shopping and Enjoy your Secondlife!
Thanks for coming to my blog.