The party to make merry and celebrate


Dear reader. Hope your lovely weekend :)

Aphrodite shop released Christmas Buffet gacha for Swank current round.
This is so nice for the party!! You can get the stick or food or other items in it by touch.
and it comes from activation message.
and Tres Beau Maison released upside down snowman for On9 current round.
its so pretty and fun :)

Credit @ Aphrodite shop in Swank
 "Christmas Buffet Gacha "
(Detail item credit)
Table : <Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha" Table RARE
Table decor
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  Alstromeria Flowers
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  pile of plates
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  Winter Marshmallows Dispenser
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  Hot Choco mugs
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha" Cheese Tree & Sausages in shirt
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  Caprese brochettes platter
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha" Peppermint Candies pyramid
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  Egg Snowmen Platter
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha" donuts on plate
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  Caprese appetizer platter
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  JOY sign RARE
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha" Big Santa Cake RARE
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  red crinkles platter
Aphrodite Gingerbread cookies platter
<Aphrodite> "Xmas Gacha"  cracker with cheese platter

Credit @ Tres Beau Maison in On9
Sled : TB Maison Frosty Sleigh
wreath : TB Maison Twig Wreath
tree table : Tres Maison Tree Trunk Coffee Table
hot drink : TB Maison Christmas Cocoa
upside down snowman : TB Maison Frosty

white christmas tree : Outdoor Christmas Tree -Fawn's Xmas Tree by Simply Shelby

Enjoy your Christmas in SL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.