Summer breeze ...


Dear reader. Hope your lovely weekday :)

Rain season in japan. There is no sunny days at least 10 days. and little bit chilly.
Already july so must be more hot but still im wearing long sleeve tops in RL.
but i visited to many places and events in SL. They make me feel summer is now.

Swank July round is opened. This month theme is "Ocean breeze"
I hope you feel the cozy summer and check the furniture and fashion.

Credit @ Wood Works in Swank Ocean breeze
Dock : Pacific Coast Dock (copy)
boat : Pacific Coast Raft - ADULT (copy)
chair : Pacific Coast Dock Chair (copy)
Barrel : Pacific Coast Whiskey Barrel (copy)
rope : Pacific Coast Rope(copy)
sign : Pacific Coast Rescue Ring (copy)
Bouy : Pacific Coast Bouy (copy)
*Available all one set or separate.

Credit @ Sway's in Gachaland  "Floating ring gacha"
Sway's [Kenda] Floating Ring . Pineapple
Sway's [Kenda] Floating Ring . Rainbow RARE
Sway's [Kenda] Floating Ring . Watermelon red
Sway's [Kenda] Floating Ring . Lemon
Sway's [Kenda] Floating Ring . Lime

Credit @ Little branch in FeverFete (Upcoming event :  July 17 - August 3th)

Landscape item
Skye Cliff & Tower Set Outcrop 2
Skye Cliff & Tower Set Cliff 2
Landform 4  (Sand 3) 64M by Aethis Creations

Enjoy your Summer in SL!
Thanks for coming to my blog.