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Dear reader. Hope your nice weekday will come to you :)

This post is dedicated for Fapple.
Anna released so Buddhism creation. and they are very beautiful for me.
One item is involve with other religion. but that also free how you feel and what you want to do.
It is religious freedom. i want to respect for it.

Most of Japanese are Buddhist but not serious.
but we have habits in many scene and I proud for it.

Credit @ Fapple  "The CfM Meditation Set"
Fapple- Buddha
Fapple- Hortensia
Fapple- 3 candles
Fapple- Cupboard CfM
Fapple- Singing Bowls
Fapple- Shell Curtain
Fapple- CfM Frame
Fapple- CfM Bookshelves
Fapple- CfM Closet Glass Doors
Fapple- CfM Chair Red Adult BDSM
Fapple- Incense Box with Elephant
Fapple- CfM Stool
Fapple- African Lillies
Fapple- Wooden Chair with pillows
Fapple- CfM Chair Green Adult BDSM
Fapple- CfM Meditation Pillow Red
Fapple- CfM Meditation Pillow Blue
Fapple- CfM Meditation Pillow Green
Fapple- CfM Tea Set
Fapple- CfM Coffee Table
Fapple- CfMMagazines
Fapple- CfM Rug 2
Fapple- CfM Rug 3
Fapple- CfM Rug 1

please visit to main store and check the items detail.

By the way, i put 3 pillows.
When funeral, 3 Monk come to our place and sit and pray for deceased 
so i put 3 pillow. This is nice number pillows i think :)

Thanks for coming to my blog.