Make peace...


Dear reader. Hope your middle of the week is great :)

All of the world, and a lot of countries and huge people got sick by new coronavirus.
Everyday, the news telling us about this. and we can not find the Mask at the shop of anywhere.
I have wearing the Mask all the time in winter so buying the Mask is normal and i need it.
but  other people who have not wear usual the Mask also buying the Mask so definitely not enough amount....
I hope you are fine. and i hope i wont get sick with it :(

Credit @ Killer's Production in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
"KIller's" Winter Cabin Part I Blue

Credit @ GOOSE in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
GOOSE - Pallets light bulbs wall
GOOSE - Pallets & mattress ADULT
GOOSE - Pallets

Credit @ Dictatorshop in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
[Ds] Chateau Sectional Straight Backless v1
[Ds] Chateau Sectional Outer Curved Backless v1
[Ds] Chateau Sectional Inner Curved Backless v1

Credit @ **OLD WORLD** in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
OW Seeded bread with figs
OW Seeded bread with spices
OW Seeded bread with apples

Credit @ The Black Forest Store in Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
TBF Caddie Golf Cart

Credit @ Little branch

Raindale - Meadowtwirl swing (hunt edition)
Mediocris Tree III by Fundati in  Cosmopolitan {Round 18/8}
ChiMia:: Victorian Street Lamp

Enjoy and have fun your Secondlife!
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