Spring perfume


Dear reader. Hope your FAB weekend :)

This time alot of items in this picture. so a lot of credit in this post :)
if you dont understand what credit for what items. please ask me!
still my eye is not perfect. still very slow to blog. Thank you for understanding.
but i love to decorate and to make picture and to show you :)

Credit @ Galland Homes in Fameshed
Home : Attison by Galland Homes

Credit @ Kaerri in Swank (open 7th - 30th)
Cloister Statue Stand
Cloister Orange Tree
Cloister Petunias Purple/White
Cloister Hanging Fern
Cloister Hanging Plant
Cloister Petunias Pink
Cloister Statue
Cloister Lavendar Planter 1
Cloister Camellia Planter Pink
Cloister Purple Hollyhock
Cloister Camellia Planter Red
Cloister Bench
Cloister Lavendar Planter 2
Paving Slabs 4
Cloister Orange Tree
Paving Slabs 4
Cloister Strawberry Planter
Cloister Lavendar Planter 3
Cloister Purple Anemone Border
Cloister Pink Daisy Long Garden Bed
Cloister Purple Daisy Long Garden Bed
Cloister White Daisy Long Garden Bed
Cloister Pink Daisy Long Garden Bed
Cloister Purple Daisy Long Garden Bed
Cloister Marigold Border
Cloister Garden Edging Rectangle
Single Arch
Arch Row

Credit @ Dreamland Design in Designer Showcase
DD Nizza Outdoor Couch-Adult *Coming in PG and Adult

Credit @ Raindale
Raindale - Castlespell chair - purple (adult) @ Main store
Raindale - Petalwind swing @ Main store
Raindale - Magic harp @ The Liaison Collaborative
Raindale - violin with flowers (gift) stronger LOD - 2Li  @ The Liaison Collaborative

Credit @ Chez Moi Furniture
Shabby Greenhouse CHEZ MOI

Grass flower and exterior
[DDD] Spring Poppies - Semiround by Dysfunctionality 
Mesh Banana Plant by Landscaping by Felix
Fundati's Great Grass II (larger) by Fundati
Apple Fall Juniper Hedge - Seasonal by Apple Fall

Inside furniture of house
Xplicit Prestige Piano (C) by Xplicit Furnishings
:Y: Bar Counter (Half)Black(Mod/Copy)v3 by :YONEYA:
:Y: Bar Counter (Corner)Black(Mod/Copy)v3 by :YONEYA:
PrimPossible 1 Prim Stool Version 3 by PrimPossible

This time i tried to decorate with my lover. and it was very interesting for me :)
I would love to blog with him again :)

Enjoy and have fun!
Thanks for coming to my blog.