Quiet rhythm


Dear reader. Hope your weekend will / is good ! 

I found very very beautiful chair by KOPFKINO. and KOPFKINO had the Special price for it but it was only 24 hours. 
There is 3 color and included material or not material type.
When i visited to the shop, the special price time was over but each color 199L. 
Then came up that i have the Piano by LISP. They would be good match i thought so i blogged together. 
Shiny shabby event current round will be close soon... so please hurry ! and i have to hurry too! :D 

Credit @ Little branch in Shiny Shabby (Current round close on 15th November) 

Piano and stool : LISP - Mesh - Into the Light Piano Stool Green Oak by LISP
Violin chair : KOPFKINO - Etude Violin Chair (Medium wood, materials) by KOPFKINO
Vine : HISA - Climbing Vines - Green I by Hisa
Paper on floor : Nutmeg. Old Music Sheets. Floor by Nutmeg (Marketplace)

Enjoy your Music life in SL
Thanks for coming to my blog.