Santa has just arrived


Dear reader. Hope you having lovely Christmas Eve day :) 

Today is Eve day yet. but for me, this 2 days are Celebration day in same meaning. 
Wishes your Merry Christmas! 

I feel I can hear the ring ring ring ...  

:Fanatik Architecture: SKELLIG Mountain
:Fanatik Architecture: SKELLIG Ramp 2
:Fanatik Architecture: SKELLIG 2
:Fanatik Architecture: SKELLIG Arch
:Fanatik Architecture: SKELLIG S Ramp 1

Credit @ Dreamland Design 
DD Little Trailer House
DD Little Trailer House Roof Snow

<Aphrodite> Snowmen mix & match 6
<Aphrodite> Snowmen mix & match 7
<Aphrodite> Snowmen mix & match 4
<Aphrodite> Snowmen mix & match 5
<Aphrodite> Snowmen mix & match 2
<Aphrodite> Snowmen mix & match 3
<Aphrodite> Snowmen mix & match 1

Credit @ Little branch 

Santa with Sled : ^^Swallow^^ Santa's Sleight (High) 
Christmas tree : [CIRCA] - "WATERTON" Park Holiday Tree - New York Royal + Stars
Snowman lantern : Snowman Lantern with Squirrel - Green by HJM Designs

Enjoy and have fun :)
Thanks for coming to my blog.