Holiday gift

Dear reader. Hope your Christmas EVE is beautiful day :)

GOOSE - Winter fireplace pergola

" Noelle Cozy Livingroom Set "
10.DD Noelle Side Cabinet Wood
11.DD Noelle Christmas Snow Globe
01.DD Noelle Cozy Couch-Adult ULTRARARE
05.DD Noelle Coffee Table
14.DD Noelle Truck Decor
07.DD Noelle Christmas Decor
06.DD Noelle Red Rug
13.DD Noelle Wooden Christmas Tree Decor
02.DD Noelle Cozy Chair-Adult RARE
08.DD Noelle Christmas Tree Tapestry

Credit @ Sway's
Sway's [Wrapped] Giftbox . Santa
Sway's [Wrapped] Giftbox . Snowman - blue
Sway's [Wrapped] Giftbox . Snowman - pink
Sway's [Wrapped] Giftbox . Christmas Tree - gold/red
Sway's [Wrapped] Giftbox . Christmas Tree - colorful

Credit @ Little Branch

Credit @ Raindale 
Raindale - Frostsong rocking horse (with boxes)
"Holiday Gift 2021"
Raindale - Millcreek fence w/lights (Holiday gift 2021)
Raindale - winter decor (Holiday gift 2021)
Raindale - Whimsical topiary tree (Holiday gift 2021)
Raindale - Holiday topiary - giftbox (Holiday gift 2021)
Detail info -> official Flicker

Wish your Christmas eve and Christmas day is beautiful day <3
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