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Dear reader. Hope your Sunday is / was/ will great day! 

Dutchie released at main store complete men's walk-in closet. 
As you know, Duchie's subscriber gift of last December, it was men's shift with hanger. 
it is so pretty and i still love it. 
You can find another extra decor items on marketplace or main store.
(please sort "newest first" if you are in marketplace) 
and featured with Dreamland Design in Energy event. 
please note about Dreamland Design main store move to new place. 

Credit @ Dutchie
"Dutchie complete men's closet"
Dutchie closet 5 wide shirts + tshirts
Dutchie closet 4 wide suit jackets
Dutchie closet 10 narrow closed reversed
Dutchie closet 7 wide suit pants
Dutchie closet 3 wide shirts
Dutchie closet 8 wide closed
Dutchie closet 6 narrow sweaters
Dutchie closet 2 narrow sweatpants + shirt
Dutchie decorative mens shoes black round nose
Dutchie decorative chelsea boots black
Dutchie decorative loafers
Dutchie decorative slippers
Dutchie decorative sneakers black with stripes
Dutchie decorative sneakers white

All information is here -> Dutchie official blog

"Jackson Liveing Room Series "
DD Jackson Fluffy Couch-Adult
DD Jackson Teal Round Rug
DD Fern Pitcher Arrangement
DD Jackson Coffee Table
DD Jackson Planter
DD Jackson Trunk Dresser
DD Jackson Shabby Coat Rack

Enjoy weekend and have fun! 
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