Bloom Into Spring Sales Event / {AnaMarkova}Designs


Nice to see you again :)

Bloom Into Spring Sales Event  will coming up from April1 to April 15,
This event is of sale event. The thema is "Spring Item".
Those items are related to spring.

I want to introduce the item of [Earth's].

and the other shop "{AnaMarkova}Designs" 50% off Sale!!
Now is the chance to grab any of those items.

please take my flcker and look :)

Earing / Ring : Box #1 Earrings & Ring 
   (Color changeable with HUD. Color them to suit any outfit)

Belly ring : Box #3 Belly Jewelry - Spring Being 
   (Color changeable with HUD.Fun, flirty belly piece

hand bag : Box #4 handbag (Cubix)  
   (two holding positions)     

jacket : {AnaMarkova} Gemma Jacket Onyx 

inner : {AnaMarkova} Brigitte Bustier Noir

leggins : {AnaMarkoa} Chantelle Leggings  Platinum

hair : Uw.St Valentine gift2011 (previous event)

Neko ear and tail :Box #2 Neko Ears & Tail (Spring Tail) 
  (Color changeable with HUD. Whimsical fun tail)

Box #5 (Exclusive) - May Flowers 

Box #6 (Freebie)

  • Ouftit set 
  • Blair Gauchos w/ matching shirts
  • Loupe Earrings
  • Shari Moon Rings
  • Diamante Bangles
  • Stripe Rubbish Shoes
  • Animal Carries - Zebra Handbag 

*items are loose, so there is no excess unpacking

 ([Earth's] main store --- Taxi)

I think you would be more like spring :)

Thank you for coming here today :)