[VM] VERO MODERO Dino Hoodie


Nice to see you again :)

[VM]  VERO MODERO  has Released cutie Dino Hoodie. 
its looks like dinosaur  :D

This hoodie was Released for woman and for man both.
it would be nice for couple. 
There are Cute Dinosaur couple :)
If you take a photo couple dinosaur, please tell me if you want. 
because i want to see if sooo much!!!

[VM]  VERO MODERO Dino Hoodie Casette / Green

The other color in main store 
6 color each / 100Ldollors

Next -----------

Past Release Skirt set.
I already blogged when Released at that time.
The other color also very nice. 

[VM] VERO MODERO / Lady Skirt Outfit 

In this photo color Green / Cognac / Cyan
7 colors each / 250Ldollors 

I hope you would love Dinosaur Hoodie and Lady Skirt set.

Thank you for reading today :)