-IrodorI- @ [Room69] / -IrodorI- GroupGift


Nice to see you again :)

Introducing about kind of "Fantacy kimono" -IrodorI- in [Room69]  and -IrodorI- new GroupGift.
like i said, -IrodorI- kimono are are different type with another shop kimono.
Those are looks like very fantastic. so i think "fantacy kimono".

exclusive kimono in [Room69]  item named "春天女" meaning has "Spring Celestial maiden"
very very beautiful and gorgeous and lovely name. It is as like this lovely pink.

I hope you can feel by my photo about "Spring Celestial maiden"

-IrodorI- Haru tennyo(Vivid pink / Partial mesh) exclusive at [Room69] 

       (include list in pack)
  • Hair for japanease kimono
  • Hair accessories (Hair and accessories are very nice with other kimono also)
  • kimono obi (with belt)
  • Hagoromo shawl  
  • Oiran geta (shoes)

    *Inner wear mesh 

-IrodorI- Sakura sakura(Memorial Gift of over 1500 members)
This gift is only in main store --- taxi 

Those items are would be your one of favorite kimono.
In main store has DEMO. before you purchase try to DEMO :)

Thank you for coming here today :) 


  1. Hello.
    Thank you for your help !
    Thank you for introducing on blog my work.
    They are very beautiful photos.
    I'm so happy :)
    Thank you very much !

    1. I am very glad to be part of your work. :)