Sway's [Tyler] Bedroom set.neon @ Uber


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I want to introduce you about "Sway's [Tyler] Bedroom set . neon @ Uber"
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Uber -- Taxi

(more detail informaion) ---------------------------------------


 14 single and 10 couple animations.
 (only Adult version bed + 10 adult animations)
 You can change with  4texture by touch.

14 single animations.
8 texture options.(You can change the color by touch.)
(blue / aqua / orange / mint / green / yellow / purple / pink)

*Streamer curtain*
solid and sheer
4 texture options (You can change texture by touch)
(aqua/blue... yellow/orange...pink/purple....mint/green)
 4 Li

2 variation potted plants,
each pot with 4 texture options (1 Li each)

*Flamingo neon sign*
You can change the light on / off by touch.

*table lamp*
4 textures / You can change by touch the light on off / 1 LI each
(Flamingo neon)
You can change by touch the light on / off

*Shelf and books*
Shelf is simple wooden shelf (1 Li)
Books is big stack and small stack of books
1 Li / each

Sway's [Tyler] is available complete set and separete.
after this event this items are available on main store and MP.

Sway's main store --- Taxi
Sway's MP --- Taxi    (sort  "newst fiist" )

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