-IrodorI- @ [ROOM69]exclusive and NEW


Nice to see you again :)

Introducing about -IrodorI-.
-IrodorI- released New Kimono exclusive [ROOM69].
and same time the other kimonos also released.

( -IrodorI- main store -- Taxi )

This time i want to approach with -IrodorI-.
You may feel bore part of this time my blog.
if so you can skim through this time.
but only this time! because this time blog is kind of for myself bloggging.

First, i want to introduce about exclusive [ROOM69] item.

The name "百花繚乱(hyakka ryouran) Hiki furisode style(white)"
"百花繚乱(hyakka ryouran)" has mean "one hundred flowers blooming profusely"
It said about this kimono design.
as like this mean, this kimono design has many colorfully flower blooming,
japanease fan (Ougi) also coloful design. 
one more...."Hiki furisode" mean "a long hanging sleeve"

okey!!  i want to go  next one!

-IrodorI- Hyakka ryoran(purple) (Furisode type) 

last kimono design is emphasized.because base color is white.
this one is base color is purple.
as like item name, big flower blooming. 
and japanease old toy also designing in this kimono. Those are very cute for me :)
(note : Furisode shorter sleeve than Hiki furisode)

Next release one is...(i should be more shorter to my knowledge at here...lol)

-IrodorI- Seiryo(清涼)(black) Furisode style

清涼 mean "Refreshing, fresh,cool,etc...."
if i know this flower name in this design,i would be more cool..
but i dont know the name ><

Next release one is...

-IrodorI- Seiryo(purple)
pipe :  *:..Silvery K.:*Kiseru(Japanese tobacco)7 (gacha)

Introduced every items are include blow items.
(Hyakka ryouran item only include "japanease fan(Ougi)" also)

  • Hair for kimono
  • Hair accessary
  • geta (with tabi socks)

I think i should to ask to Yukichi (Creatore of "-IrodorI-") that flower name in this design.
because what flower designing has very important meaning when wearing kimono.

woops! this time blog was soooo long.
I know you got tire....i also a little bit tired lol

I hope dearly that you would love -IrodorI- kimono. 
so you will know about kimono more!!

Thank you for coming here today :) 


  1. Hello.
    Thank you for your help !
    Thank you for introducing on blog my work.
    They are very beautiful photos.
    I'm so happy :)
    Thank you very much !!

    1. Thank you for give me comment :)
      I am always happy if i could be part of your work and if you like my work :)