Sway's @ Fantacy Gacha Carnival


Nice to see you again :) 

I want to introduce you about Sway's [Elf-Elixir] Necklace @Fantacy Gacha Carnival
Sway's exhibit items are [Elf-Elixir] Necklace.
Its a Necklace that little bottle hanging. 
I can look sand in bottle also :)  maybe I am right.

Gacha 50L$ / per play.  16 to collect 

(above pic credit)

Hair : ! W&Y HAIR  New 92 PACK ALL (closed)
dress : The Shops! Spring/Summer Gift Dress

Necklace @ Sway's [Elf-Elixir] 
 short Necklace : Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace / short . sword . green (common) 
                               Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace / short . heart . pink RARE 

 long Necklace :Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace / long . bow arrow . black RARE 
                             Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace / long . star . blue (common)
                             Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace / long . heart . red

all color in below pic. 

 Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace . bow arrow . black (long / short)
 Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace . heart . pink (long / short)

  Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace. bow arrow . yellow
  Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace. heart . red
  Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace. key . aqua
  Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace . sword . green
  Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace. moon . purple
  Sway's [Elf-Elixir] necklace  star . blue

each bottle necklace has each an accessory.
and each color has long type and short type.
which type are good for male and female.

Have enjoy Gacha!!

Thank you for coming here today :)