Sway's [Sadaf] Bench & Tray @ Uber


Nice to see you again :)

Introducing about Sway's [Sadaf] Bench & Tra @Uber  (May 25th - June 23rd)
This time Sway's creation is matching nice with Uber's term of this time :)

Relaxing with bench while drinking Chai and feeling romas by candle.
(I wanted to put Curry on this table...)

its so classy.

Sway's [Sadaf] Bench & Tray 

(Detail about Bench)
*You can change 5texture by touch or when you sit you will see dialog.
 (above pic is showing every texture)
*12 single animations 

(Detail about Tray)
*You can change flame on / off on the candle by touch

I hope you will chose this set to your "Spicy" life :)

Thank you for coming here today :)