Can you keep a concentration?


Nice to see you again :) 

Introducing about {AnaMarkova} Designs New released dress and SLINK Heal.
and Virtual Diva released hair and GroupGift Hair.
and tarte. organization board @ LTD.The event

(I hope you know what there is a story of above pic....)

(Concentorating woman) -->left
  dress : {AnaMarkova}Vanessa Summer Dress Royal Blue
  Heal : {AnaMarkova} Chandra Summer Heels  24KT (for Slink high)
  hair :  Virtual Diva Miss  Hair Mesh Mix 

(more and more getting bore woman) --> center
  dress : {AnaMarkova}Vanessa Summer Dress Lavender
  Heal : {AnaMarkova} Chandra Summer Heels Lavender
  hair  : [Entwined] Holly - Group Gift   

(already no concentrate at all woman) --> right
  dress : {AnaMarkova}Vanessa Summer Dress Pure
  Heal : {AnaMarkova} Chandra Summer Heels  Silver
  hair :  Divine Hair GROUP GITF by Virtual Diva 

 Sofa : [ARIA] Thea sectional sofa 
  board : tarte. organization board (yellow & grey) @  LTD.The event

Next Introduce dress also {AnaMarkova} new released dress and Heal.

left woman 
 dress : {AnaMarkova} Ivana Skye
 Heal : {AnaMarkova} Chandra Summer Heels  24KT
 Hair : [Entwined] Ivy - Group Gift

right woman 
  dress : {AnaMarkova} Ivana 24KT
  Heal : {AnaMarkova} Chandra Summer Heels  24KT 
  Hair : [Entwined] Ivy - Group Gift

Those dress and Heals and Hair(by VirtualDiva) are already in shop.
if you feel attractive those dress and heal and hair by this two pic,
You can not miss it!!

Thank you for coming here today :)