Hey wait!!


Nice to see you again :)

Do you know?  Fifty Lindan Friday today!!
I want to introduce you Sway's FLF items.  
and {AnaMarkova}Designs's Summer outfit!!

as always both LOVE<3

(Decor credit)
Sway's [Whale] coatrack @ FLF
  2 variations -- no-cloth type and hanging cloth 
  4 texture changeable by touch.

(chair credit)
 Sway's [Ahoy] stool . nautical  @ FLF
  12 animation / 10 texture changeable by touch 

(Cloth credit)
  {AnaMarkova}Designs Gretchen Suede Fringe Short Set Camel (NEW)

Sway's items so cute as always. You know even if i don't say. 
wonderful match with season. 
{AnaMarkova}Designs Cloth has 5 color 
  ---> Camel / black / pink / Teal / pure(white)

This pants set makes me want to take a nap!! at comfortable place.

Have a Happy Friday!!!

Thank you for coming here today.