-IrodorI- New release 30%OFF


Nice to see you again :) 

I want to introduce you  -IrodorI- New released Japanease cloth "Princess of rose series"
There is 6 colors -->black / blue / orange/ pink / purple /red
Now 30%OFF Until June 30!!!
You can't miss this price!! and its only at Main store.

Detail in  -IrodorI- website

(above pic credit)
Kimono : -IrodorI- Princess of roses(red)  NEW

(below pic credit)
Kimono : -IrodorI- Princess of roses(black) NEW 
bag : *evergreen*Kinchaku (on MP / 20L)

This set include with.....

  •   Hair for japanease Kimono (in this pic)
  •   Hair accessories
  •   Kimono dress
  •   Obi belt
  •   Geta (japanease shoes)   

This is front short skirt type. then looks cute with kids even more.
This is like kids of princess :)  so i have no makeup below pic. 
Also You can do makeup as much as you want with this kimono.
it would be so chic!
(i have makeup only Lipstick first pic)

If you wont purchase, anyway you can try DEMO! 
It may makes change your feeling... :) 

Thank you for coming here today.


  1. Hello.
    Thank you for your help !
    Thank you for introducing on blog my work.
    They are very beautiful photos.
    I'm so happy :)
    Thank you very much !