Swing with me....?


Nice to see you again :) 

First...I am so happy that i can be part of "Sneak Peak event" and "APPLY ME" member. 
Later of this event start, i will blogging as much as possible i can. 

This time i wan to Introduce you about almost French Vintage Couture creation.
about the other shops are please look at credit.

recently, one of my favorite music is "Swing"  I love swing dance more than romantic dance.
this cherrful music make me in a cheerful mood even if my feeling down.
but In Sl, swing is not regularly.  a club or Dj are very a few. so when i found the club, i get excite! 
some times, i was blogging in nobody swing club.
They are so nice background music for me.

(above pic credit)
Dress : French Vintage Couture - Diana Dress - Pink
hair : ""D!va"" Hair "Yuko" (Black amber)
accessory : French Vintage Couture- Savana Set - Silver 

Classic dress. and standard dress with Swing dance!!
i wore the hair with ribbon. because i imaged vintage style. I think i could good job :) 

next introduce clothes are very casual.

(first pic credit)
top : French Vintage Couture - Sandy Top - Flowers /  Squares
hair : [elikatira] Lena - Essentials 
Lipstick (left pic) : French Vintage Couture - Sensuality Lipstick - 2
Necklace : French Vintage Couture- Savana Set - Silver 

(second pic credit)
top :French Vintage Couture - Kyssie Top - White Fowls
 -->left pic is back style. SEXY!!!!
Skirt : DRIFT Summer Micro Mini[MESH] Terry Cloth Set @ The dressing room
   main store ---> here  (sob sob...main store selling as FLF....)
Hair : !lamb. Stereo - Chocolate Bars Pack (50%off)  
Location : Elysion 

Showed you one color of "Kyssie top (second pic) but they have 3 design.
anyway back style is sexyyyyyyy!! I love it!

I hope you will chose "Diana dress" when you dancing in vintage club :)
and  Kyssie and Sandy tops are adorable with summer outfit :) 

thank you for coming here today :)