.:~*Alchemist*~:.IceCreamGacha @ The Gacha Garden


Glad to see you again :) 

The Gacha garden will start from August first to August 22th.
There is many Gacha event in sl. once I spent 5kL$  at Arcade.. but i could not get rare...sob sob..
later that, i have not Gacha for long time.
but I want to!  I know i can't stop until i get what i want to get items as well.

Alchemist is participate in The Gacha Garden. 
You want to open your ice cream shop?  Yes! You can! if you complete!

The Gacha Gardenが8月1日から22日まで開催されます!今回は、イベントが始まる前にブログできた!
RLではちょくちょくやってるのですがw SLでは歯止めが利かなくなるのが怖い。

AlchemistがThe Gacha Gardenに参加しています。

The Gacha Garden official website -->http://www.thegachagarden.com/
(Slurl is not open yet)

(Gacha item Credit)
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamWagon(Rez)RARELI19(Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamDisplay&Ice(Rez)Li8(Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha Signboard(Rez)Li1(Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha LightBulb(Rez)Li1(Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha ChairWhite(Rez)Li2 (Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha ChairPink(Rez)Li2 (Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha TablePink(Rez)Li3 (Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha TableWhite(Rez)Li3 (Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamTray(Wear)SOI(Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamMix01(Rez)Li1 (Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamMix03(Rez)Li1 (Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamMix04(Rez)Li1 (Copy)
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamTray(Wear)SOI(Copy) 
boat bench : Sway's [Rowboat] Bench . nautical
on table soda : Sway's [Summer] Drinking Jar B / Sway's [Summer] Drinking Jar A
Outfit Credit : LUXE Paris MIAMI in MELON Maxi Skirt & Crop Top

a little bit more detail....
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamWagon(Rez)RARELI19(Copy)
  --> 2 Shop stuff animation / 5Sit animation 
*A*IceCreamGacha IceCreamDisplay&Ice(Rez)Li8(Copy)
  --> 2 type (Displaying  and Empty)
*A*IceCreamGacha LightBulb(Rez)Li1(Copy)
 -->Light on / off , Glow value changeable , Bright Full / off  by touch.
  --> you can get a handheld icecream by touch
each chair --> 6sit animation 

Okeeeey...... Have happy Gacha time!!! and Be careful.... 

Thank you for coming here today :)