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Nice to see you again :) 

I decided!! blogging that i got items at Mix event.and same time re-blog Sway's item with other items. 
in Mix there is many awesome items. so far i don't have time to walking around on Mix. 
i bought "ARIA" sofa set and felt in love when i saw the prefab of  "ScarletCreative

I like ARIA's funiture for long time. anyway simple design. "only white!" "only black!" like this. 
Also that is why I like ARIA. matchable with any funiture and any decor. 
when i saw the list of Mix. i had nothing thinking, i went to main store of ARIA.

and prefab of Scarlet Creative. i saw on Flicker at first. i felt in love this prefab at that time. 
if this prefab is not on Mix event item and if more high price i would buy lol
and same time i will introduce you MND6 Hunt items.


”[ARIA] Diedra mini living SET (19 LI as on display) - ADULT” です。
 知ってる方も多いと思いますが、"ScarletCreative" のプレハブもMixイベントで新作で出品されていてたったの99L!!
今回同時に、MND6 Hunt でゲットしたアイテムも紹介します。

above pic is Mix event items and Sway's campfire set picture.
im going to introduce you about inside of prefab later. 
now i will re-blog about campfire set with the other item.

(Detail for only in front of prefab)
Campfire : Sway's [Walden] Campfire @ Uber
Stick on Campfire : Sway's [Walden] Stick with sausage (decoration) @ Uber
Stick on Campfire : Sway's [Walden] Stick with marshmallow (decoration) @ Uber
Log with pillow : Sway's [Walden] Log with pillows  @ Uber
Stump : Sway's [Walden] Stump with pillow @ Uber
Stump with candle : *Fairy* Tree Stump ---> **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**  @ MND6 Hunt 
tulip : Sway's [Filis] Tulips . B&W yellow / pink  @ Mix
Mug : Sway's [Walden] Mug @ Uber
Tray : (iTuTu) garden tray set /B 01 ---> **DP**YUMYUM
Coffeepot : Sway's [Walden] Coffee pot  @ Uber
Wood chair : *Fairy* Chair  ---> **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**  @ MND6 Hunt 
sign : Sway's [Love] sign . big no nail @ main store

and Detail for inside of prefab.

Prefab : Scarlet Creative - Breeze @ Mix 99L
Chair : Sway's [Filis] Chair A . B&W / Sway's [Filis] Chair B . B&W @ Mix
table : Sway's [Filis] Table . B&W black / Sway's [Filis] Table . B&W white @ Mix
tulip : Sway's [Filis] Tulips . B&W red  @ Mix
magazine : Sway's [Filis] Magazine . B&W @ Mix
sign : Sway's [Love] sign . big no nail main store
Stump : *Fairy* Tree Stump   **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**  @ MND6 Hunt 
Wood chair : *Fairy* Chair  ---> **Dreamscapes Art Gallery**  @ MND6 Hunt 
Sofa : [ARIA] Diedra sofa (Adult) @ Mix
wood table : [ARIA] Diedra coffee table @ Mix 
flower on wood table : [ARIA] Diedra Amsonia bouquet in a vase @ Mix
books on wood table : [ARIA] Diedra  deco old books @ Mix
canvas : [ARIA] Diedra blank canvas group @ Mix
Bar cart : [ARIA] Diedra blank canvas group @ TMD new round
 (purchase available  2 variation -- decorated / without decrated) 
Towel rack : [ free bird ] Beach Towel Rack - Sea is Calling - Subscribe-o

below pic is focus of ARIA's funiture. because in above pic you can see very small.

Love Funiture!!

Thank you for coming here today :)