.:~*Alchemist*~:. Moon Stone Gacha @ FGC


Dear Readers. Glad to see you again :) 

Introducing about .:~*Alchemist*~:. Moon Stone gacha in The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. 
every time, I need to think how to take a picture to blog for .:~*Alchemist*~:. 's items.
but when i completed that, i always feeling satisfied :)

This items are so complicated if i tell you everything about this gacha items only picture. 
so when you get arc, look at Alchemist official website  --> .:~*Alchemist*~:.
i just write below how to play.

--- How to play of Arc ---
1.Attach the object.
2.Press Esc key on your keyboard.
3.Use mouse look, and click the who you'd like to fly up with the pointer.
4.who play with, will see activation message, chose "YES" .
5.Move the pointer with mouse look mode. who play with, will follows to the pointer automatically.
6.Press the mouse left button again to quit.
If you like to use this again, use mouse look function, set the pointer to the avatar you'd like to move, and hold down the left button.
You can blow the avatar away by pressing page down key during you are moving with your partner.

When you're wearing this object, you can't use the page down key, due to assign as the "blowing away an avatar" function.
so you can't use the page down key for flying down when you are in mouse look mode.
instead, please use the home key to quit fly mode.

The Fantacy gacha Slurl

Balloon : *A*MoonStoneGacha FantasyBalloon(Rez)Li11RARE(Copy)

--> able to sit up to 2 / 7 single animation 
-->  hovering on / off option 

Common item "Arc" 7 color 
*A*MoonStoneGacha ArcPink(Wear)(Copy)
*A*MoonStoneGacha Arcgreen(Wear)(Copy)
*A*MoonStoneGacha Arcblue(Wear)(Copy)
*A*MoonStoneGacha Arcwhite(Wear)(Copy)
*A*MoonStoneGacha Arcgold(Wear)(Copy)
*A*MoonStoneGacha Arcpurple(Wear)(Copy)
*A*MoonStoneGacha Arcblack(Wear)(Copy)

Have Happy Gacha time for you!!