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Hello Readers. Nice to see you again :) 

I went to chapter four to rounding Gacha of *ionic* Mice!! 
When i did, i couldn't get Couple Mice item..
BUT,when my partner did, he came out RARE House and Couple Mice! Woow! 
even doesn't have interesting about Gacha... maybe that's why he got Couple Mice item and Rare House i think ^^;
I want to introduce you Sway's Garden Lounger together in this post. 
This is 75%OFF for Mix August!!

Sway's Main store Slurl
Chapter Four Slurl 

Garden Lounger : Sway's [Dreamer] Garden Lounger . ocean

(ionic gacha Item Credit)
house : *ionic* Little summer house - RARE @ Chapter Four gacha
Mise in pool : *ionic* Mice in the pool @ Chapter Four gacha
Skater Mise : *ionic* Skater Mice @ Chapter Four gacha
playing Guiter Mice : *ionic* Musician Mice @ Chapter Four gacha
Couple Mice : *ionic* Picnic Mice @ Chapter Four gacha

Wine market : PPK Wine market Stall

Woo!! Sooo Lovely Picture lol 

(more Detail infomation of Sway's garden Lounger)
*14 single animation / magazine decorate included (not above picture) / with Lantan / 
*above picture color is Ocean, one more color "[Dreamer] garden Lounger petal" also for Mix Item.
   2 type garden lounger each 75% OFF 55L!!! (Like FLF price)

You can't miss it!!!

Mix August 2 Furniture by Sway's.  both are Veery Low price than normal price. 
when you will get it? It Is NOW!!!

Have Happy Shopping!!!