Reese by {AnaMarkova}


Dear Readers. I hope your day is good! 

I Love Autumn season. even in August now, but in a little while, They come here already.
Introducing about {AnaMarkova} released new dress and pumps " Reese". 
The belt of under the breast is looks like Corset chic. but when look whole dress, they are beautiful gown.    
I like those elegant design of {AnaMarkova} Outfit.

{AnaMarkova} main store Slurl

available 10 color / dress and pumps each (pumps for Slink high) 

Dress : {AnaMarkova} Reese Emerald  NEW
pumps : {AnaMarkova} Reese Pumps Emerald NEW

Dress : {AnaMarkova} Reese Fuschia  NEW
pumps : {AnaMarkova} Reese Pumps Fuschia   NEW

Thanks for reading. 
Have Happy shopping!! at {AnaMarkova} :)