Relics of Lezard Gacha by .:~*Alchemist*~:.@ Festival of Sin


Dear Readers. Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening! 

I went to "Festival of Sin" Event. I surprised because every items are very high quality.
one of sponcer of this event is Exposeur. 
Their pose props are very cute. would be so nice to take photo as you know. 
I bought "22769" camera and movie lamp stand. i wanted to buy lamp at least. 
if possible i want to buy 22769's sofa also....huhuhu.

Introducing  .:~*Alchemist*~:.Relics of Lezard Gacha.

Festival Sin event Slurl (until september 5th)

Festival of Sin イベントは九月五日までです!!ブログ間に合ってよかった。

(Gacha items credit)
blind Screen :*A*RolGachaAntiqueScreen(Rez)Li4(Copy)
light : *A*RolGachaStandLight(Rez)Li2(Copy)
bookshelf : *A*RolGachaBookshelf(Rez)Li6(Copy)
empty shelf : *A*RolGachaShelf(Rez)Li3(Copy)
operating table : *A*RolGachaOperatingTable(Rez)Li5 RARE(Copy)
operating light : *A*RolGachaOperatingLight(Rez)Li5(Copy)
yellow light : *A*RolGachaMagicSquareChatAnimation(Wear)(Copy) 
                    --->putting on the floor

Outfit : Ghee July Gift Summer Heat Set

I put on the floor chat Animation items also. because They are soo beautiful on it. 

Thanks for reading. 
Have a happy shopping there!