Hi dear friend! 

Have you visited to "Wayward Halloween" and "Geeks'n'Nerds "???
....I like Geeks'n'Nerds. because i am one of the person of nerd!! 

I love warm autumn. i love warm Halloween. not scare!! i don't like scaring!!
pumpking soup... apple pie...and take a nap.... wooo... i need excersize!

Introducing Sway's for Wayward Halloween and  Geeks'n'Nerds event items! 

Wayward Halloween Slurl  (October 16th-31st)
Geeks'n'Nerds (October 17th - November 1st)
Sway's main store Slurl

Bookshelf : Sway's [Konrad] Shelf with back wall filled   Geeks'n'Nerds
Bookshelf  :Sway's [Konrad] Shelf filled @ Geeks'n'Nerds
Chair : Sway's [Konrad] Chair . light   Geeks'n'Nerds
Chair :  Sway's [Konrad] Chair . dark Geeks'n'Nerds
Pillow : Sway's [Text Emoticon] Pillows . :P Geeks'n'Nerds / Gacha 
Pillow :  Sway's [Text Emoticon] Pillows . <3 RARE   Geeks'n'Nerds / Gacha 
Pillow : Sway's [Text Emoticon] Pillows . 8D  Geeks'n'Nerds / Gacha 
Garland : Sway's [Boo] Halloween Garland . Witch RARE @ WayWard Halloween  / Gacha 
Garland : Sway's [Boo] Halloween Garland . @ WayWard Halloween  / Gacha 
Garland (on the ground) : Sway's [Boo] Halloween Garland . Happy Halloween RARE @ WayWard Halloween  / Gacha 
Table : Sway's [Erika] Coffee Table . fresh @ Uber 
Stove : Sway's [Victor] wood burning Stove with floor . sand @ Mix 
basket with firewood : Sway's [Victor] basket with firewood  @ Mix 
firewood : Sway's [Victor] firewood @ Mix 
Carpet : Sway's [Caroline] Fringe Carpet (cozy) 
food : poche  hot pumpkin 
food : poche apple pound cake

little bit more info....
Bookshelf -->2 type (filled shelf type and empty shelf type) 
Chair : 20 single animation each 
Text Emoticon --> 25L per play,  6 common 2 rares 
Garland --> 35 L / per ,  6 common 2 rares 

Halloween will come soon. are you finished ready? 

Thanks for reading. 
Have a lovely day!